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We Are Lydian

We’re making you wish you were at the dentist. Seriously. We’re changing trips to the dentist to be more convenient, affordable, and fun.

Our services cover everything from baby teeth to orthodontics, making our office a one stop shop for all your dental care needs.

Lydian General

From semi-annual cleanings to restorative care, we can help you maintain a healthy smile for everywhere you go.

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Lydian Kids & Teens

Bring your child in for their first appointment to start building a foundation of healthy dental habits when they need it most.

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Lydian Ortho

Braces can help with more than just improving your smile. Straighter teeth can mean a better bite out of that next apple and improved confidence.

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Our Offices

Our brick and mortar locations are a fresh take on what a dentist’s office should feel like with friendly staff and considered details.

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Our Mobile Clinic

Our mobile clinic brings the dentist’s office straight to you. We partner with employers to provide on-site dental care for employees.

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We’re not your average dentist. At Lydian, we’re working to bring smiles to neighborhoods in more ways than one.

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