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A tale of decay, tooth loss, and love.

This story begins when I took a sabbatical from dental school. After mastering everything from check-ups to crowns, I wanted to learn more about the industry itself. What was it like to run and operate a private dental practice? What was working? What wasn't?

It was from these conversations that the idea for Lydian was born — a new kind of dental experience that puts patients before profits and leaves customers with not just a healthy grin, but a smile on their face.

I took a year off to do research, meeting with dentists across the country. What I found was troubling. Large corporate chains were consolidating the space, squeezing out local dentists. Patients were unhappy, too. They dreaded trips to the dentist because they were uncomfortable and expensive.

Together, we’re changing the face of dentistry. We look forward to sharing it with you.


Dr. Josh Turnbull

Our Team

We know the power of a smile. At Lydian, we believe a healthy smile is the key to life well-lived. Here's the team making it happen.

  • Lydian Dental's Dr. Josh Turnbull

    Dr. Josh Turnbull

  • Lydian Dental's Dr. Scott Connell

    Dr. Scott Connell

  • Lydian Dental's Clayton Nylander

    Clayton Nylander

Smiles for all.

We want to help people everywhere put their best face forward. For us, that means developing education programs, providing dental supplies, and restoring healthy smiles both locally and around the globe.

Lack of access to proper care can lead to poor dental health, which can negatively affect diet, self confidence, and more. We’re doing our part to make a dent in the dental industry.


80% of people worldwide

lack proper access to dental care.


1/2 of all people in the US

have some form of dental disease, most of which is left untreated.

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Local Outreach

As part of Lydian’s giving back efforts, Shannon received a full mouth restoration, and her life has never been the same.

“My new smile has changed my life. My family and friends tell me that I am a new person now. I no longer cover my mouth when I talk. This is a new beginning for me.”

— Shannon


Global Outreach

In our recent trip to the Dominican Republic, we were able to provide dental treatment for hundreds of patients. We also visited local schools and provided oral health education to their students.


What's in a name?

Lydian actually got its name from the ancient Lydian stone.
It was a stone used to test the veracity of precious metals, such as gold, and the standard by which other stones were judged. We’re doing the same
— setting the standard within dentistry.

Join Our Family.

Dancing dentists

We are always looking for fun, passionate folks to join our team. Whether you are a doctor, assistant, hygienist, or receptionist, get in touch.

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