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We partner with companies to bring the dentist’s office straight to your employees. From our full-service office to friendly staff, we have everything you can get at the dentist’s office, without the commute. It’s just how we roll.

Here’s how it works

We all know going to the dentist is important. It's getting there that's the problem. So we've made it a bit easier when you partner with us.

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Employees book their appointment online.

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Step out of your workplace and right into our clinic.

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Return to work. No getting stuck in traffic. No waiting rooms. No missed meetings.

The Advantages Of Mobile Dental Care

Many people have a fairly similar idea when they think of going to the dentist: you visit your dentist in their office after making a regular appointment, then plan the next time you'll go visit your dentist's office. But not all dentistry is done this way; mobile dental services help countless people access dental care who, for whatever reason, cannot go to a dentist's office. Here are just a few reasons why mobile dental care is essential for public health.

Small Communities Gain Dental Care Access

In smaller, rural communities, many people do not have regular access to certain types of health care. This often includes specialists, including dental services. Mobile dental care services allow people in communities like this that often go unaddressed to access the often critical health care they need.

Easier Dental Care Access For Urban Areas

Even in busy cities, not all people are able to access dental care. Those who cannot drive to a dentist's office, such as those without transportation or those with disabilities, may not be able to get to dentists' offices, even if they do exist in the area. Mobile dentists allow those without regular access to dental care to still seek out the services they need, even if driving or other forms of transportation are inaccessible.

The Importance Of Accessible Dental Care

While dental care often goes overlooked, it can be incredibly important to overall health, and lacking access to care can keep people from living healthy lives. Research shows that the more missing natural teeth a person has, life expectancy decreases. The study showed that those with 20 or more natural teeth at the age of 70 had a considerably higher life expectancy than those who didn’t. Regular dental care, made more easily accessed through mobile dental services, allows more people to live longer and happier lives.

Mobile dental care, through mobile dental vans and similar services, can help countless people access essential care. Lydian Dental provides mobile dental services designed to simplify the process of accessing dental care and make dental care more available to everyone, regardless of location or ability to travel to a dentist's office. Contact Lydian Dental today for more information.

Good for their teeth. Great for your business.

Boost Health and Your Bottom Line

Oral disease leads to higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and pregnancy complications. Recent studies show that improving oral health reduces medical claims costs for employers.

Easy, Breezy Insurance

We are in network with most PPO plans, including Aetna, Ameritas, Assurant, Anthem, Blue Cross, Cigna, Delta Dental, Guardian, Humana, MetLife and others.

Increase Productivity

A typical trip to the dentist takes 2-3 hours. With our mobile clinic, your employees will be in and out in less than an hour on average. Less time away means a more productive day.

Comprehensive and Convenient Services

Our mobile clinics deliver a wide range of services, including cleanings, fillings, and same-day (CEREC) crowns.

Amazing Doctors

At Lydian, we’re extremely picky when it comes to our doctors. They're experienced. They're honest. They're charismatic. And they listen. Rest assured that your employees are in good hands.

Better Benefits

Onsite health is exploding in popularity as employers are increasingly promoting health in the workplace. Quality dental care is a great added perk for your employees.

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Give us a call to see how Lydian Mobile can work with your business and give your employees something to smile about. Let’s roll.


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